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Jan Wilczur

For many years I worked as a full-time bird illustrator producing illustrations for books such as: Handbook of the Birds of the World (Lynx Edicions); Birds of the Western Palearctic, concise edition; Birds of the Indian Subcontinent; Birds of South-east Asia; Cuckoos of the World and Thrushes. I also contributed numerous black and white illustrations to bird reports, magazines, tour company brochures and books.

Working as a full-time bird illustrator did not allow much time to indulge in painting. In recent years, however, I have done so, finally exploiting my many field-sketches of birds seen on my travels in the U.K. and abroad. I have also taken thousands of photographs of backgrounds and landscapes. I have always taken an interest in the habitats and landscapes that birds occupy and try to give them as much attention as the birds in my artwork.

The constraints of what is essentially scientific illustration are difficult to break free from when painting, but I am alternatively delighted and frustrated by the process. My natural inclination is to explore so I find it difficult to sit still long enough to sketch, let alone paint "en plein air". My preference is to take photos and return to the studio and to reflect on what has excited me. Usually a subject for a painting presents itself obviously but occasionally a sideways look at a seemingly ordinary photo can initiate a creative charge. My background in Zoology and the need to identify most of what I see means I take pleasure in detail and do not feel the need to abandon it altogether. I hope to achieve a balance between impression and detail when depicting, in paint, aspects of landscape and the natural world that inspire me.

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hen harrier bird art by bird artist Jan Wilczur

Hen Harrier

red backed shrike bird art by bird artist Jan Wilczur

Red Backed Shrike

bearded tit bird art by bird artist Jan Wilczur

Bearded Tit

bullfinches bird art by bird artist Jan Wilczur


cuckoo bird art by bird artist Jan Wilczur


stone curlew bird art by bird artist Jan Wilczur

Stone Curlew

little ringed plovers bird art by bird artist Jan Wilczur

Little Ringed Plovers

glossy ibis bird art by bird artist Jan Wilczur

Glossy Ibis