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Kim Diment

Through her own brand of artistic expression, Kim Diment brings personality and life to her renderings of nature's creatures. A Northern Michigan native, Kim's love of animals developed at a young age, and from that emerged her passion for art. Her first field sketches were inspired by her wanderings along the backwaters of the Au Sable River during the spring thaw migrations.
Following high school, Kim went on to pursue a double major in Zoology and Fine Arts from Michigan State University. She went on to teach high school art for 13 years while continuing to embrace her avocation as an artist, which became her sole vocation in 2003 when she began painting full time.
Kim's passion for nature has evolved into a deep desire to preserve the earth's wildlife through various conservation projects. She is currently involved with the ongoing Tahquamenon State Park's "Art for the Park" project. As part of that project, Kim is using a landscape from Michigan's Tahquamenon's Falls area as a backdrop to her portrayal of a chosen native animal species. To date she has completed paintings of moose, bear, wolves and the Spruce Grouse. Her next painting will feature the Bald Eagle. A limited edition of 125 prints will be made available for each painting, and a percentage of sales will go back into the state's park systems. These canvas giclees can be obtained by calling (906) 492-3415 or by contacting Kim directly.
Kim's preservation efforts span the continents. She is currently working with Grevy's Zebra Trust of Kenya, which targets the dwindling northern herds of Grevy's Zebra. A series of paintings is coming to life in an effort to heighten awareness and generate funds for the cause. The first painting, Samburu Grevys, was completed last year and is still available for purchase, along with a set of limited edition canvas giclees available through the St. Louis Zoo, as well as from the artist.
Kim has also worked with the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya to raise public awareness as to the endangered species prevalent in that park. She is furthering that cause with her paintings of Grevy's Zebra, the Black Rhino and the Cheetah. Upon sale of the three paintings, one-third of all proceeds will be donated to the endangered species program of Lewa that deals specifically with habitat.
Kim Diment is a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists and a signature member of Artists for Conservation.
Kim resides in northern Michigan on the Au Sable River with her husband, Carl. Kim's artwork and Carl's fine handcrafted furniture are showcased at their River Works Studios in Grayling, Michigan. Kim can be contacted at 989-344-1843 or via e-mail at Her work can be viewed on the web at


*Juried into the International "Blossoms: The Art of Flowers" Exhibit 2011
*Juried into the "Art of the Animal Kingdom VIII, IX, XI, and XII" juried shows at the Bennington Center for Creative Arts, Bennington Vermont in the summers of 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008 ,2009 and 2010.
*Placed second in the 2007 "Artist's Magazine" 24th Annual Art Competition, animal category.
*Juried into the International Society of Animal Artists, Art and the Animal Exhibits 2007, 2008 and 2009 and 2010; winner of the Stanley Meltzoff Award in 2007.
*Finalist in the 2010 "Artist's Magazine" 27th Annual Art Competition and receiving recognition in "Competition Spotlight", March 2011 Issue.
*Winner of the Editor's Choice Wildscape Artist of the Year 2007 Award published in the European "Wildscapes" magazine, 2007 summer issue.
* Displayed in the International "2008 and 2010 Artist for Conservation Exhibit" at the Blauvelt Museum in New Jersey.
*Exhibited in the "Paint the Parks" Top 100 and Mini 50 Art competitions, 2007 and 2008.
*Tied for 10th in the Federal Duck stamp competition, 2006 *Placed first in the Michigan Duck stamp competition for 2001, with second place honors in 2007, 2000 and 1995, and third place honors in 1996
*Placed second in the International "Wildcat Art 2001" small cat category. This show, depicting cats of the world, was held in Beverly Hills and Fresno California, July 2001. Two other cat paintings, which did not receive awards, were also juried into this show.
*Painting "Spring Thaw" used as sponsor print for Ducks Unlimited of Michigan for the year 2001
*Placed third in the 17th Annual Wyoming Conservation Stamp for 2000, open to artists of the United States, held in Wyoming.

heron bird art by bird artist Kim Diment

Great Blue Heron

Ruffed Grouse bird art by bird artist Kim Diment

Ruffed Grouse

Belted Kingfisher bird art by bird artist Kim Diment

Belted Kingfisher

Woodcock bird art by bird artist Kim Diment


ruffed grouse bird art by bird artist Kim Diment

Ruffed Grouse

woodcock bird art by bird artist Kim Diment


screech owls bird art by bird artist Kim Diment

Screech Owls

barred owl bird art by bird artist Kim Diment

Barred Owl